“With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world”

Dalai Lama

Our Master courses

We offer Master programmes, the core of our education. These courses are 1 and 2 academic year programmes, opened to youths who aim at developing knowledge, skills, and competencies for becoming professionals for a sustainable development of agriculture and agri-food sector.

Our Advanced specialized courses

Advanced specialized courses are trainings that last less than one academic year and aim at providing participants with an advanced knowledge and skills in specific areas, frameworks, and technologies.

European Exchange programmes

Currently, the CIHEAM Bari is partner in two European exchange programmes funded by the European Commission: 
- Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE)
- Enhancing capacity of universities to initiate and to participate in clusters development on innovation and sustainability principles (UNICLAD)
Education has always been the main mission of CIHEAM Bari since its establishment in 1962. Every year, students of different nationalities choose this Institute to attend their postgraduate studies.

Our educational offer focuses on the main themes aiming at agriculture and rural development in the Mediterranean basin.

Traditionally, we organize courses to develop students competencies for a sustainable natural resources management, in particular regarding the fragility and scarcity of land and water resources; plant protection, to prevent and/or control the spread of pests and diseases; and organic agriculture, to produce safe food and minimize environmental impacts.

Recently, we have enriched our education program with new courses aimed at preparing professionals to deal with other key challenges for the Mediterranean communities: the climate change, agroecological transition and resilience of territories; the agri-food innovation systems and enterprises development, the coastal and fishermen communities empowerment; the digitalization of agriculture.

All courses are inspired by a manifold of institutional experience, matured in decades of research and cooperation activities carried out in different contexts and countries.

Other Education & Training activities


CIHEAM Bari organizes also in-situ and ex- situ trainings as part of specific activities within research and cooperation projects.


Through dedicated platforms and technologies, we also develop Distance Learning courses and Remote Technical Assistance.


CIHEAM Bari is committed to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all its students, staff and visitors.
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