The CIHEAM Bari offers a range of Master Programmes organised according to transferable credits (ECTS, European Credits Transfer System) and focusing on issues of land and water resources management, sustainable integrated pest management and organic agriculture. Furthermore, Master programme centred on the youth entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean agrifood sector, is jointly organized with the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”.

Master programmes equivalent to 60 ECTS, last nine months (from October to June, every year) and are structured into weekly modules and grouped into units. All courses are addressed to: 

  • graduate students (minimum 3 years of university studies) of any nationality,
  • young researchers,
  • extension agents,
  • civil servants,
  • professionals in agriculture and rural development.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students are awarded the Master of CIHEAM Bari Diploma.

All classes and activities are conducted in English.

Master of Science programmes are developed over two academic years and are equivalent to 120 ECTS. After a successful completion of the CIHEAM Bari Master Programmes (60 ECTS) and attendance of the second year devoted to a supervised research work, students are awarded the CIHEAM Master of Science Diploma.

The admission to the second year is decided by an ad-hoc scientific committee based on criteria of merit, research topics and financial backing.

According to the thesis topic and under the supervision of CIHEAM Bari staff, the research work can be carried out in:

  • CIHEAM Bari laboratories/fields/facilities;
  • Laboratories/fields/facilities of Italian and Universities/Research centres that conduct joint research programmes;
  • Laboratories/fields/facilities of Universities/Research centres that conduct joint research programmes in the students’ countries of origin or other Euro-Mediterranean institutions.

All theses must be written in English.

Upon completion of the 2 academic years, during the second year, some students might be guided towards a PhD programme jointly carried out by Italian Universities and CIHEAM Bari.

Diploma Supplement

Since 2007, CIHEAM Bari has been issuing a Diploma Supplement (DS) to all students who are awarded the Master and Master of Science Diploma.

The Diploma Supplement (DS) aims at improving international transparency and facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications. It provides a description of the nature, the level, the context, the content and the status of the studies that were successfully completed by the person concerned.

The Diploma Supplement is not a resume, a diploma, a transcript of records, and it is not an automatic system of recognition.

The Master programmes have been certified ISO 9001 since 2016. 

The masters currently provided by CIHEAM Bari are listed below:


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