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CIHEAM Bari's community is deepest saddened to learn about the disaster that struck the Turkish and Syrian populations and expresses its heartfelt sympathy and solidarity to colleagues and all staff of International Cooperation projects active in Gaziantep and the affected areas

Un atelier s'est tenu le 03/02 auprès de l'@Universite_JKZ pour valider la grille d'évaluation de la #durabilité environnementale, sociale et économique des plantes locales #NUS, qui sera appliquée dans les prochains mois par deux étudiants master au #BurkinaFaso et au #Niger

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Education and training offered at CIHEAM Bari aim at providing students and trainees with both scientific and technical highly-qualified knowledge and developing their critical understanding, applied skills and ability to utilize the wealth of experience acquired to improve food quality and safety, enhance environment and natural resources management and promote sustainable agriculture in their countries of origin.
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CIHEAM Bari has been providing constant support to doctoral studies through the joint supervision by academics and CIHEAM Bari researchers, use of research infrastructures, i.e. laboratories, equipment, experimental fields etc., full or partial scholarship granted to its Ph.D. students upon specific agreements signed with the universities, publication in scientific journals and reviews.
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Currently present in over 20 countries, CIHEAM Bari works jointly with the Italian Cooperation to build inclusive and sustainable development processes in line with the United Nations Agenda 2030 Objectives, through projects and programs aimed to improve the living conditions of vulnerable populations, facilitate fair, lasting and environmentally sustainable growth that generates positive effects in economic, social and cultural inclusion terms on communities and territories.
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