Graduation day at CIHEAM Bari for the Academic Year 2023-2024 Master students

The students who have completed the first year of the Master's programmes in Integrated Pest Management of Fruit and Vegetable Crops (IPM), Mediterranean Organic Agriculture (MOA), Sustainable Water and Land Management in Agriculture (W&L) and Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems and Resilience (SARe) have been awarded the Master Diploma of CIHEAM.

They are 41 students (23 women and 18 men) from 14 different countries (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Turkey.

CIHEAM Bari wishes its students all the best as they continue their careers and lives, valuing the knowledge acquired and the experience gained.

Heartfelt congratulations to them all on their achievements from the entire CIHEAM Bari community! 

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