Advanced specialized course: Precision Agriculture for the Mediterranean region

Opening Workshop: 12–18 April, 2023

CIHEAM Bari is organizing the Advanced specialized course in "Precision Agriculture for the Mediterranean Region" to train professionals from ministries and producer associations in  Mediterranean countries with basic knowledge on Information Technology. 

An opening workshop will also be held online, as part of the first unit of the course (April 12-18, 2023), to extend participation to other interested people in addition to participants  selected to attend the whole course. 

The workshop will include a series of seminars by experts from academia, research institutes and business associations to cover the following general topics: general concepts of precision agriculture with a multiscale and multisectoral approach, opportunities and constraints, key technologies, CIHEAM innovations, adaptation to the Southern Mediterranean context and  role of technology producers and service providers. 

People interested in the opening workshop can register at the following  link, specifying the days they wish to attend.

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