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Coastal Economic Development in Kenya EU and the Government of Kenya partnership to advance the Blue Economy Agenda through Coastal Development - ʺGo Blueʺ


CIHEAM Bari, in the frame of “Coastal Economic Development in Kenya to advance the Blue Economy Agenda, through the Coastal Development - GO BLUE” Programme (FED/2020/419-534), financed by the European Union and implemented by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), invites experts to apply for short-term positions as consultant. A consultant is a recognized authority or specialist in a specific field, temporary engaged by the Organization in an advisory or consultative activity. The functions of a consultant are results-oriented and normally involve analysing problems, directing seminars and training courses, preparing documents for conferences and meetings, writing reports on topics related to the area of expertise (as per the Staff Regulation of CIHEAM and the Statute of Consultants, Experts and Auxiliary staff). The required experience is related to small scale fishery production and marketing, coastal communities development, marine biodiversity.

Date of publication:  16/06/2021
Deadline for application:  31/12/2022
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