General Information: ITACA tackles the competitiveness of Adriatic fisheries sector, fostering the introduction of blue innovation and improving the sustainability of catch activities. ITACA focuses on small pelagic (SP) fisheries, meaning the fishing activities targeted on two main ichthyic species: anchovy and sardine that represent a significant share of income for the sector in the Adriatic

General Objective: Being focused on one of the most important sector of the Adriatic blue economy, the overall objective of the ITACA project consists in strengthening the competitiveness of the Adriatic SP fisheries enterprises, by matching research findings and tools to business needs, to finally promote a more sustainable and efficient exploitation of Adriatic resources

Specific Objectives: To introduce innovative tools for the competitiveness of Adriatic SP fisheries enterprise; To establish a permanent cluster among SP fisheries enterprise; To promote economic and environmentally sustainable SP fishing activities

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