3EFISHING is intended to develop, design and implement activities of strategic importance for the Blue Economy in the programme area by tackling the major and common territorial challenges to make the Adriatic SSF-AQ production systems economically and environmentally resilient in the highly stressed, floating and risky scenario of the fishery sector.


Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies.


Develop and transfer the triple-E research-based innovation (i.e. Electric-engine technologies, Environmental quality and Economic sustainability) from universities and research centres to fishers, farmers, SMEs and producer organisations for the Green and Blue transition of the Adriatic Small-Scale Fisheries and AQuaculture (SSF-AQ) fleet and to achieve the sector sustainability, including the electric-refitting of two <12 mt pilot vessels, full LCA and financial investment plan for SSF-AQ agents.

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