Worldwide Coastal Communities digital marathon, a global initiative for coastal communities  

Coastal communities from all corners of the world are the lifeblood of an extraordinary cultural and environmental ecosystem. They are an essential pillar for food security, economic development, and cultural preservation on a global scale.

Fishing, which has been the most important source of livelihood for these communities for centuries, now faces a number of obstacles, including overfishing, environmental degradation, and climate change. These challenges threaten not only the sustainability of fisheries resources but endanger the entire collective social and economic fabric.

Good fishing practices, therefore, play a crucial role in addressing these threats and encourage us not to ignore how responsible management of fisheries resources, reduction of environmental impacts, and adoption of sustainable fishing techniques are essential tools for ensuring a lasting future and a better quality of life for coastal communities.

CIHEAM Bari, Coldiretti and the World Farmers Markets Coalition, united in this common goal, are launching for November 21, 2023, World Fisheries Day, the first edition of the "Worldwide Coastal Communities Digital Marathon" a virtual event encouraging dialogue and exchange of knowledge and best practices among coastal communities, fishers, industry experts, policy makers and supporters of sustainable fisheries.

Presentations, question-and-answer sessions, and interactive networking opportunities will animate the event and provide an opportunity to share experiences, explore best practices, and collaborate for a sustainable future for coastal communities worldwide.

Participation in the event is open to anyone interested in the challenges and opportunities facing coastal communities and the fishing industry.

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