Renewed Water Challenge 2023

NAWAMED and MEDWAYCAP projects are launching the "Renewed Water Challenge 2023" call to promote the use of Non-Conventional Water (NCW) at the Mediterranean level in order to address water scarcity. This call is looking to identify innovative ideas/solutions that show the greatest potential for a positive impact for the implementation of a sustainable water management’s systems/solutions/approaches for Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) practices in Tunisia.

"Renewed Water Challenge 2023" call is initiated at the occasion of the organization of the NAWAMED Project Conference, the next 6th of February in Tunis, aiming to engage young people in the development of nature-based solutions. This call is related to the following categories:

  1. Technical ideas/solutions:
    -    Innovative, sustainable, and low-cost technologies to foster the NCWR valorisation;  
    -    Nature based technologies and solutions developed for NCW valorisation.
  2. Tools & solutions:  
    -    ICT product to facilitate the integration of non-conventional water resources in water demand management practices, to enhance water saving or NCW monitoring;   
    -    Solutions for the integration of NCWR in urban planning.
  3. Awareness raising about the use of NCWR: 
    -    Art based awareness solutions to raise awareness and initiate behavioural change; 
    -    Innovative learning tools to enhance the water culture.

The call is open to any individual, group, NGO, association, start-up & spin-off, Eco-friendly companies, institution. Different initiatives by the same applicant require separate applications. The call is available for download here

The submission is online and the deadline is January 22, 2023

Link for submission: 

In this call, non-conventional water corresponds to rain water, grey water, black water, municipal wastewater, brackish water, drainage water. 

The call is developed by CERTE and CIHEAM Bari in collaboration with NAWAMED & MEDWAYCAP projects partners.

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