NATAE, a newly awarded project under the Horizon Europe programme

NATAE (Fostering Agro-ecological transition in North Africa through multi-actors design, evaluation and networking) is a newly awarded project under the Horizon Europe programme. Based on a multi-actor and interdisciplinary approach, this four-year project will generate new insights for assessing practices that are inspired by agro-ecology in a multidimensional way and at multiple scales (from production systems to territory and value chains).

The aims are to identify, evaluate and eventually promote the best observed and experimented combinations of practices inspired by agro-ecology in North Africa (i), and to set up a Mediterranean agro-ecological network for knowledge exchanges and advocacy at regional level (ii).

The approach is based on Multi-Actor Labs (MALs), as territories that are anchored in specific agro-ecosystems of North Africa. Production of scientific data and analyses in the field of agronomics, sociology and economics will inform on the potential for agro-ecological transition in the region. NATAE will support the cocreation and co-learning with multiple actors in MALs as well as concrete policies by informing largely with the opportunities provided by an agro-ecological transition perspective. It will also organize the capitalization and transfer of generated knowledge to education and extension. NATAE will further develop an Atlas platform on the performance of practices inspired by agroecology with regards to the farms, the landscape and the food systems.

Coordinated by CIHEAM Montpellier, NATAE gathers 23 partners from Europe and North Africa regions (academic institutes, international organisations, NGOs, technical institutes).


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