International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) 2024 'Healthy Plants Support Human Welfare'

CIHEAM Bari took part with its scientists in the International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) 2024 'Healthy Plants Support Human Welfare' in Athens from 1 to 5 July. 

The event gathered about 800 researchers from different countries.

CIHEAM Bari co-organised and co-chaired two sessions:

  1. A side session on 'Xylella fastidiosa' jointly with the Benaki Institute of Athens

CIHEAM Bari oral presentations included:

  • Precision surveillance systems for Xylella fastidiosa in olive groves (A.M D’Onghia)
  • ANCoSIX National project  (F. Valentini)
  • Capacity building and networking for Xylella fastidiosa containment in Europe and in Third Countries: the impact of MSCA H2020 Cure-XF project (M. El Moujabber).

In addition, a poster was featured on "Real-time lamp detection of Xylella fastidiosa in olive trees using the membrane-based method and stored plant material".

  1. A side session on Plant Health Research Coordination: 'An international endeavour’ jointly with Euphresco

CIHEAM Bari presentations included:

  • Plant health research priorities for the Mediterranean region (A.M D’Onghia)
  • Research to address future challenges and to strengthen plant protection (A.M D’Onghia).

One oral presentation was also delivered at the 14th International Verticillium Symposium (4-6 July 2024), which was organised as an IPPC satellite symposium on:

  • 'Essential oils as a new approach to manage verticillium wilt of tomato, eggplant, and olive under controlled conditions’;

For more details about the sessions, visit:

·       Xylella fastidiosa Session

·       Plant Health Research Coordination Session



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