International Coastal Community Forum on Sustainable Development of Coastal Communities through Blue Transformation

Oceans, rivers and lakes are fundamental for global food availability, human health, climate regulation and for the survival of all life forms. They cover 2/3 of the biosphere, supporting 50% of global productivity. Therefore, coastal ecosystem services are particularly vulnerable to global environmental changes, as are the coastal communities that depend directly on them.

To address these changes, there is need to address the well-being of coastal communities and stimulate the development of economic activities. Actions to inform and share best practices are crucial towards achieving Blue Economy and Blue Transformation. 

In this context, the CIHEAM Bari - Sede di Tricase is launching the hybrid Forum on “Sustainable Development of Coastal Communities through Blue Transformation” on 10th July 2024. The event is organized within the field of the fifth edition of the Advanced Specialized Course on Sustainable Development of Coastal Communities, with the technical support of FAO and GFCM and funded by Italian Cooperation.

The hybrid event will involve Mediterranean and African coastal communities and aims at encouraging dialogue and exchange of knowledge and best practices among blue economy stakeholders, policy makers, academia and supporters of Blue Transformation.

Presentations, Q&A sessions, and interactive networking opportunities will create solid base for networking and collaborations for a sustainable future for coastal communities.

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