Tricase branch

The Tricase branch of CIHEAM Bari is situated in the ancient Harbour of the town in the Salento area, at the southern end of Puglia, in the heart of the Mediterranean. It occupies municipal properties, which have been renovated by CIHEAM Bari within projects funded under Interreg Italy-Greece territorial cooperation programmes.

Its primary actions are mostly directed towards achieving the goals of the Agenda 2030 to implement the Italian cooperation programme through activities aimed at the sustainable development of rural and coastal ecosystems, always in line with the strategic guidelines of CIHEAM member states and with the overall concept of “Blue Growth”.

Centre for training, research and cooperation for the sustainable and integrated growth of rural and coastal communities, it acts as a Mediterranean outpost to foster dialogue between national and international bodies and to promote initiatives focusing on the protection of ecosystem diversity and on the economic, social and environmental enhancement of coastal areas.


Training of managers, technicians, and professionals in favour of Mediterranean coastal and rural communities:

  • High-Level Training Course in “Sustainable Development of Coastal Communities”
  • Short course and training on the job for technicians and professionals
  • Creation of competence networks
  • Transfer and sharing of experiences, good practices, and know-how.

Research and monitoring of marine and coastal ecosystems:

  • Development, application, and transfer of common protocols for the monitoring of marine litter and biota analysis
  • Monitoring of coastal biodiversity and of marine and coastal ecosystems
  • Development of models for the safeguard of marine and coastal resources through the direct involvement of the community both in priority-setting for environmental protection and in the shared management of resources, aimed at protecting and preserving habitats,  biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Cooperation and Development:

  • Development and implementation of actions, interventions, and strategies for “blue growth” of the Mediterranean communities
  • Development of highly innovative technologies and methods for fisheries and aquaculture
  • Economic enhancement of local fish production (e.g. brands)
  • Establishment of product traceability systems and creation of quality systems (e.g. quality scheme)
  • Strengthening of dialogue and discussion between operators and researchers for the definition of highly innovative management and production solutions
  • Support for the diversification of economic activities related to fisheries and aquaculture
  • Protection and enhancement of the territorial identity and traditions of the Mediterranean coastal communities
  • Empowerment of business and employment development processes, with special emphasis on young people and women
  • Development of participatory projects with representatives of the territories and coastal communities.

Most activities take place within the framework of projects regarding cooperation for development, European territorial cooperation, and international training and research.


The activities of the Tricase branch of CIHEAM Bari are delivered via an extensive collaboration network that enables contacts and constant synergy with the main Italian institutions participating (MAECI, MIPAAF, MATTM, MIUR), together with the European (European Commission) and international actors (FAO, GFCM, UfM), and the main international scientific and institutional cooperation platforms (Bluemed and Friends of Small Scale Fisheries).

Among local partners, a very close collaboration has been established with Regione Puglia, the Municipalities of Salento, the University of Salento - including through the marine biology laboratory housed within the premises –, the Magna Grecia Mare Association and the local community represented through Venus Ecomuseum.

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