Director's welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the new website of CIHEAM Bari.

It is no easy task to create a virtual space that can properly 'reflect’ the different situations, the various aspects, and the many facets of an organization like ours.

We have tried to do this in the best way, and, above all, we have sought to understand what the different users of the site would like to find when they visit it:  the answers to the most important questions, and the essential information. A website is in continuous development, because it transforms and unfolds like the 'environment' it describes, adapting almost daily to different needs; this will also be true for these pages, which I hope are going to attract increasing numbers of visitors.

Thank you all for your interest in our organization, which since 1962 has been a place where training, knowledge and cooperation between different peoples can flourish. Starting from today, we can now rely on an even faster and more effective means of sharing and enabling what is one of the most important goals of a modern and active institution:  clear communication about what we do, providing information about the results we achieve every day.

I hope you enjoy your read and wish you good luck with your work!  

Maurizio Raeli, Director of CIHEAM Bari

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