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First Steering Committee of the MEDIET project

26 May 2022
On 25 May the first Steering Committee of the MEDIET project (Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in the Mediterranean area) was held in the Italian headquarters of CIHEAM. Funded by the Italian Cooperation, this project aims to improve consumption and production patterns in the Mediterranean region towards more sustainable food systems focused on the Mediterranean Diet.
Co-ordinated by CIHEAM Bari, in partnership with Albania, Lebanon and Tunisia, MEDIET project is expected to reach all the countries in the Balkan, Mashreq, and Maghreb areas to promote the Mediterranean Diet through the implementation of a knowledge sharing system and to strengthen local food systems and diets.
Minister Plenipotentiary Marco Giungi, Head of the Multilateral Unit/DGCS/ MAECI, welcomed the delegates to the meeting and expressed his hope that the whole Mediterranean community and all the areas concerned could bring their contribution to these themes.

MEDIET Project Meeting - Finalization of work plan