The Master Programme: One Academic Year  (60 ECTS)

CIHEAM Bari and the University of Bari are launching a new Master in “Open Innovation & Youth Entrepreneurship In the Mediterranean Agrifood Sector”, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP), and with the technical support of Confindustria (the biggest federation of Italian companies), Legacoop, Confcooperative, and Almacube (the spin-off of the University of Bologna specialized in the design thinking process).

The course will start on December 10, 2020 and will end in June 2021 (6 months).

It aims at empowering the younger generations and enhancing their employability though the promotion of their active involvement in the economic development of their regions. The objective of the Master is to train a new generation of innovation managers who will contribute to improving the competitiveness of companies through the development and management of innovative solutions. The course will be organized in weekly units for a total duration of 1500 hours (60 ECTS credits).

Open innovation, Start-up & Business management, Agrifood innovation, Social Innovation in agribusiness, Marketing and Communication are the major topics covered in the course. Students will be exposed to the most innovative methods and tools that are used in the fields of service design, design thinking, trend-watching, lean start-up, growth hacking and brand identity, which will help them create memorable and successful experiences and start-ups.

Number of participants: min 20 - max 30.  
The course is addressed to interested and motivated graduate students (all disciplines) from all over the world. The registration fee amounts to 2,500.00 euros.
For 10 students coming from non European CIHEAM member countries the whole cost will be covered by a scholarship granted by CIHEAM Bari.

The master course includes face-to-face lectures and a project work, with the aim of emphasizing the learning-by-doing approach. The project lab will be subdivided into some weeks dedicated to design thinking (open innovation approach at the companies) and some other weeks dedicated to lean start-up. After the project work, an internship period will follow at the most innovative Italian companies in order to continue the development of innovative projects. A strong involvement of companies will be ensured in every phase of the master to inspire and develop new solutions in collaboration with the company staff.

Participants will have at their disposal equipment and facilities: experimental fields, laboratories, innovative devices such as drones and 3D printers; they will benefit from the in-house expertise of different CIHEAM Bari and UNIBA departments, as well as from numerous collaborations with experts from scientific institutions and professionals from private enterprises.