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ReMiLeb22 | Special Call for a Research Mission in 2022 addressed to the Lebanese Alumni of CIHEAM Bari

01 October 2021


Special Call

For a Research Mission in 2022 (ReMiLeb22)

Addressed to the Lebanese Alumni of CIHEAM Bari



The prevailing and critical situation in Lebanon, as of 2019, has seriously compromised research programmes, technology transfer, and innovative initiatives, usually undertaken and implemented at the national level by CIHEAM Bari Alumni.

To overcome and alleviate the burdens of these challenges, CIHEAM Bari Director, Mr Maurizio Raeli and the Lebanese delegate to CIHEAM’s Governing Board, Mrs Wafaa El Dikah Hamzé, are pleased to launch a special call offering CIHEAM Bari Lebanese Alumni a research/technical mission/stay on its premises, with the support of its scientific and international cooperation staff, during the year 2022.

Research Objectives

The Research Stay of the Lebanese Alumni should respond to at least one of the following objectives:

  • OB1: Preparation of a joint publication, resulting from a joint research collaboration with CIHEAM Bari staff.
  • OB2: Preparation of a research proposal to be submitted within open calls (EU, Bi-lateral, …)
  • OB3: Capacity building through non-degree training and knowledge updating in new technology areas, including an opportunity to attend CIHEAM Bari courses of relevance/interest.


  • All Lebanese Alumni of CIHEAM Bari, having successfully completed a master’s degree at the Institute between 1990 – 2018, are eligible to apply.
  • Priority is given to Alumni involved in scientific research within Lebanese institutions and/or involved in agricultural development and/or technology transfer projects in public institution or private enterprises in Lebanon.

How to Apply

The call for applications follows a one-step procedure.

The applicants shall provide, in brief, the following documents:

  • Personal information: A recent CV.
  • Objective: Specify the main objectives of the requested mission (OB1, OB2, or OB3).
  • Intended starting date and duration: Indicate the period and duration of the expected mission and stay in Bari; note that the duration should range between 1 and 3 months max.
  • Proposal: Provide a brief proposal (4,000 characters max) of the requested mission, to include:
    • Objective, methodology, and partnership with the Institute / CIHEAM Bari team.
    • Excellence: Quality and credibility of the research/innovation project and the level of novelty.
    • Expected outcome & impact.
  • Authorization/approval from the home institution (when needed).

Evaluation criteria and their rating

The whole scientific evaluation process will comply with the following criteria

  • Criterion 1: Scientific and/or technological excellence (Threshold 3/5)
  • Criterion 2: Potential impact (Threshold 4/5)

Proposals recommended for funding will have to score above the threshold for each criterion and get a minimum overall aggregate score of at least 7 out of 10 points.


CIHEAM Bari will support a maximum of ten (10) grants for Lebanese Alumni in 2022.

The  grant  will  include  travel  expenses,  accommodation,  insurance  and  a  monthly  subsistence allowance of 1000 € for the duration of the research stay.

CIHEAM Bari is committed to principles of gender equality. Female candidates are explicitly encouraged to apply. Preference will be given when equally qualified.

Reporting Requirements

At the end of the mission/research stay, the grantee shall submit a final report, to include the following:

a) highlight the findings of the research stay

b) follow-up actions identified together with CIHEAM Bari staff

c) potential areas and perspectives for further research and collaborations

Timeframe and Deadlines for the call for applications

  • October 1st, 2021 – Launch of the call through FTN, social media campaigns and Emails targeting Lebanese Alumni
  • October 31st, 2021 – Deadline to receive applications
  • November 30th, 2021 – Communication of the final list of successful applicants
  • Starting December 2021 – Grantees start planning their scientific missions with CIHEAM Bari staff.
  • Starting January 2022 – Start of implementation and mobility

Application submission and inquiries

All applications must be submitted on-line at:

For further information and inquiries, please send an e-mail to: