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Green Economy and CO2
// GECO2 //

January 2019 - June 2021

Project Summary


The scientific community largely agrees that the main cause of global warming is linked with anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), measured as carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Regardless of international efforts to mitigate climate change, communities throughout Adriatic Sea need to adapt themselves to the changing environmental conditions.

The GECO2 project will introduce innovative measures to monitor and offset CO2 emissions through an effective cross-border cooperation.

GECO2 will directly involve the agricultural sector, urging it to adopt sustainable farming practices and interfacing it with industrial and services companies in order to ensure the start of a voluntary credit carbon market, with gains both from an economic and environmental point of view.

The whole project will guide industry and consumers towards new green market opportunities and will help local governance to improve strategies to tackle climate change.


GECO2 project overall objective is to set up an innovative interregional system in the Adriatic area to monitor climate change, test eco-friendly agricultural practices, launch a new voluntary carbon market.


Compliance with Interreg Italy Croatia 2.1 specific objective is fully respected. The project actions carried out through an effective cross-border cooperation will contribute to the improvement of the climate change monitoring and introduction of innovative mitigation and adaptation measures. Inhabitants will benefit from the planning of innovative environmental measures which will improve regional environmental management and policies, introducing more eco-friendly use of land, decreasing climate change risks; they will enjoy new environmentally-qualified products.


Communication activity: on CO2 use and market, for both countries involved (Italy and Croatia), including dissemination activities.

Studies and training: recognition of the best practices on climate adaptation and mitigation and on the existing carbon markets experiences. Increased awareness of regional actors (local authorities, NGOs, associations, universities, research centres, education bodies, consultants, citizens) through the organization of training courses.

International Survey: analysis of the scientific state of the art, best and innovating practices, research, trends, policies and legislation regarding climate change risk reduction and resilience of agro-ecosystems, carbon markets existing experiences.

Pilot project implementation: an interregional environmental monitoring system will be created in all the seven partner regions. As second step, experimentation areas, agricultural clusters and farmers will be selected in all the seven regions. Furthermore, criteria for calculating, evaluating, implementing and validating CO2 absorption and emissions will be jointly defined and a cultivation protocol and contract model proposed to all farmers involved.

Design and setting up of an integrated monitoring and observing system: Design and setting up of an integrated monitoring and observing system related to emissions and absorption of CO2, based on a geo-linked database and geographical model (GIS based), able to improve the assessment and forecast capabilities of the partner regions, to support the public planning and register practices concerning the resilience to climate change (recovery and adaptation: reducing risks of flooding, erosion, heat waves) and mitigation (carbon stock as Soil Organic Carbon).



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Kick-off meeting, Ravenna (27-28 June) PRESS RELEASE (Eng) | PRESS RELEASE (It)


Source of funding : 2014/2020 Interreg V-A
Total budget : 2 489 237,00 €
Partners :
  • (LP) Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy in Emilia Romagna - Italy
  • (LP) CIHEAM Bari - Italy
  • (LP) Molise Region - Italy
  • (LP) Marche Region - Italy
  • (LP) Rera sd for coordination and development of Split Dalmatia County - Croatia
  • (LP) AGRRA - Agency for Rural Development of Zadar County - Croatia
  • (LP) Dubrovnik Neretva Region - Croatia
  • (LP) Legacoop Romagna - Italy