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Fishery Mediterranean Network
// FishMedNet //

September 2019 - August 2022

Project Summary

This project aims to create Business Alliances between the Mediterranean MSMEs active in fishery diversification. MSMEs will be stimulated to gather into cross-border Business Alliances based on common Business Models, by providing them training, direct professional assistance for the development of new services/products, and tools for improving their marketing (e-platform). Moreover, the project boosts PPPs in the sector by providing tools to PA practitioners. The partnership involves directly the key actors to achieve the aim: competent authorities, fishery organizations and development organizations from 5 Countries and from 3 other Countries as Associates.
Contribute to creating job opportunities by improving the capacity of MSMEs in the fishery sector to seize the opportunity of the Blue economy and global market, by boosting innovation and business integration.
Create cross-border business Alliances on innovative products and services with high added value in the framework of the artisanal fishery diversification process.
Census of Best Practices in place, Market analysis, Elaboration of models and labels, E-commerce Platform in place, Business Alliance Agreement Drafted and Spread, Creation of Training Package, International Training Courses, Local Training, Definition of the Counselling Desk procedures and tools, Set-up and running of the Counselling Desks, Product Temporary Managers, Preparation of a business profile for each of the 30 MSMEs supported, Realization of 8 international Business events, Sponsoring participation of MSMEs in major international trade fairs, Mapping of the National needs of PA and PPP schemes in place, Round tables with PA and MSMEs, Definition of the standard packages for PPPs, Preparation and realization of  training courses, International Training on PPPs for CLLD initiatives, Development and opening of the Calls, Awarding and management of sub-grants.
Source of funding : ENI CBCMED
Total budget : 200 000,00 €
Partners :
  • Communauté de communes du Sud Corse - France
  • Legacoop agroalimentare - Italy
  • Halièus - Italy
  • Association Tunisienne pour le Développement de la Pêche Artisanale - Tunisia
  • Ministry of Agriculture - Lebanon