CIHEAM Bari Campus is located near Valenzano, a town in the province of Bari. It covers an area of 150,000 square meters and includes five main buildings, experimental and collection plots, laboratories, greenhouses, a multi-sport game court, and a Documentation Centre.

Free Wi-Fi service is available across the entire Campus.

Building A: Director’s Office and Administrative Department, classrooms, computer rooms, Great Hall.

Building B: Student hall of residence, cafeteria, infirmary, common areas for students and guests.

Building C: Hall of residence for visiting professors – guesthouse.

Building D: Land & Water Resources Management, Organic Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and Cooperation Departments and offices.

Building E: Integrated Pest Management Department, offices and laboratories.

Student hall of residence

The Campus Building B is completely devoted to student accommodation. All 74 single rooms, which are distributed over three floors, are equipped with modern furniture, private bathrooms, central heating and air conditioning systems.
On each floor there are common rooms equipped with electric hot plates and refrigerators.

In this building there are also the cafeteria, a utility room/laundry, a recreation hall for indoor leisure activities and an infirmary.


The guesthouse is located in Building C. There are fully 44 furnished rooms, each with en-suite.










Classrooms and meeting rooms

At CIHEAM Bari there are several facilities available to carry out learning activities and meetings: three 25-seat classrooms; a multi-purpose 100-seat hall; a 180-seat Great Hall (all equipped with simultaneous translation facilities and multi-purpose projection systems); two computer rooms: one devoted to Master students and the other one for MSc students; a co-working space equipped with 10 workstations, which can be easily turned into a meeting room.

Research facilities

CIHEAM Bari includes laboratories and experimental fields.









Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre (DC) is a multimedia library specialized in Land and Water Resources Management, Integrated Pest Management of Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Crops, Mediterranean Organic Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.

Besides providing a vital service to collect and disseminate publications for the purposes of research and education, the DC is designed to be the ideal place to meet, study and read.

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The Cafeteria is located on the ground floor of Building B. It is mainly a self-service restaurant that can also offer full table service on special occasions; it can seat 160 people and is open every day (except Sundays) for breakfast, lunch and dinner service. Typical Mediterranean food is served in the restaurant using fresh ingredients. A take-away service is also available (booking is required) as well as special menus on demand (vegetarian, steam-cooking, halal, etc.).





Sports facilities

The Campus is equipped with a multi-purpose court for tennis, basketball and volleyball, as well as some indoor facilities.


The Institute ensures free medical assistance within the Campus thanks to the presence of two physicians working in the Infirmary located at the basement of Building B five days a week.

For emergencies, the physicians are on call at night, during weekends and on holidays. A team of voluntary first aid workers guarantees immediate medical help and ambulance transport to the hospital in an emergency.