Open Innovation and Youth Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Agrifood Sector

A new generation of INNOVATION MANAGERS

The CIHEAM Bari and the University of Bari (UNIBA) are launching a new Master programme in “Open Innovation & Youth Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Agrifood Sector”, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP), with the technical support of Almacube (the spin-off of the University of Bologna specialized in open innovation), Startup Italia and with the most important associations of Apulian companies and cooperatives: ConfindustriaLegacoopConfcooperative.


This programme is designed to empower younger generations and improve their employability opportunities by promoting their active involvement in the economic development of their regions.

The Master course aims to train a new generation of innovation managers:

  • to enhance entrepreneurial culture;
  • to contribute to the design, development, and implementation of innovative projects within existing enterprises and organizations (innovation managers);
  • to launch new business initiatives (startups);
  • to provide consultancy services to promote knowledge transfer by introducing business innovation processes and methods (innovation brokers).

Course structure

The course is organized into weekly units for 1500 hours (60 ECTS credits) – including 286 hours of face-to-face lectures and 132 hours of laboratory and project work with companies, complemented by individual and teamwork plus 300 hours of internship at private companies.

The course is structured in two parts: the first part to provide participants with fundamental concepts to master the following subjects: Start-up & Entrepreneurial mindset, Business Model Design for continuous innovation, Agile Methods & Change Management, Agri-food Innovation, Social Innovation, Communication & Marketing for Startups.

In the second part (project works), an innovative solution for a selected company will be developed using the Open Innovation process and the Design Thinking methodology. The internship phase is closely related to the activities developed during the project works and will be carried out in the following Italian companies: Timac agro-Italia Groupe Roullier; ANDRIANI SpA; Agriverse; Vallefiorita; Tersan; Planetek, Putignano srl; Greenblu. The working language is English.

The Master's course objective is to train a new generation of innovation managers. More specifically, through applying a new mindset and new methodological approaches (Design Thinking, Lean Startup), students are accompanied through the creation, prototype development, and enhancement of innovative entrepreneurship ideas (new products/services, adoption of new production processes, development of new markets) in the agri-food field, from production chain to food consumption, health aspects and circular economy.

Training will focus on both technological innovation and social innovation for a new business generation. They will adopt a new approach in carrying out activities based on learning by doing with a strong interaction with startups and successful businesses that will be involved in all the modules of the Master programme.

In terms of job placement, the Master course addresses 3 essential needs:

  1. Self-entrepreneurship through the study and application of methodologies and approaches to build startups;
  2. Training expert in the management of innovation processes (innovation manager);
  3. Training specialists in knowledge transfer within institutions and organizations responsible for enhancing research results between research organizations and the business sector (innovation broker).

For further details, please download the Information sheet and the Course programme below.

Beneficiaries and Scholarships

CIHEAM Bari grants up to 12 full scholarships to candidates according to a ranking list. Priority is given to students coming from non-EU CIHEAM Member countries and other Mediterranean, Western-Balkan, Middle Eastern and African Countries according to a ranking list, covering tuition fees (3,000.00 euros), board and lodging, travel expenses. Partial scholarships could be offered to participants from Italy and other European countries. Students from non-priority countries who are interested in CIHEAM Bari courses are anyhow allowed to participate at their own expense or through other sources of financing (governments or other bodies). The number of participants: min 20 - max 30.

In particular, courses are addressed to:

  • graduate students;
  • young researchers;
  • extension agents;
  • civil servants;

Candidates can apply for scholarships in the application form. 

Conditions for admission

Access is open to candidates of any nationality who have the academic level qualifying them to carry out postgraduate studies in their country of origin.

Candidates' profile

Courses are addressed to graduate students and young professionals with a university Degree in any discipline.

Conditions to be admitted to the Master Programmes are:

  • holding a University Degree awarding at least 180 ECTS;
  • having completed four out of five years of University studies, upon agreement between the sending University and CIHEAM Bari (the year attended at CIHEAM Bari is recognized as final year in order to graduate at the University of origin).

Applicants are invited to follow the online application procedures by clicking on the following link



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