Cross-Border Coastal Communities Development in Libya and Neighboring Countries
// NEMO //

September 2013 - August 2016

Project Summary

Short description


The NEMO project (Cross-border rural coastal communities development in Libya and neighboring countries - Egypt and Tunisia) is a cooperation for development initiative funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Directorate General for Cooperation Development carried out through a voluntary contribution to CIHEAM-Bari which is the implementing agency.

This initiative, that originally stemmed from the will  of the Italian government to grant funds for cross-border activities after the Arab spring events, intends to develop autonomous and synergic social and economic activities for the benefit of the rural, coastal communities of three neighboring countries (Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia). The challenges that NEMO tackles at different levels are relevant for the Mediterranean basin: the loss of human resources, the failure to enhance and manage natural resources (water, soil, and sea), integrated rural, coastal development, the poor promotion and enhancement of biodiversity and local wildlife, and the need to promote the local traditions and foods.

Main Results

In Egypt :

Local Rural Coastal Community Performance through administrative and technical support enhanced (DRC, ARC, GAFRD, Governorate of Matrouh); Pilot activities to enhance typical agricultural products such as olive and olive oil (DRC, ARC); Income generation through training and demonstration activities delivered to local fishermen and farmer communities developed and diversified (DRC, ARC, GAFRD); Coastal cultural heritage and Territorial awareness (ARC, GAFRD, Cultural Centre in Matrouh).

In Tunisia:

A polyvalent coastal community centre established and activated in Zarzis; Local professional fishermen organization set up and operational; Income generating activities valued and diversified through training and demonstration; National/international promotion and awareness initiatives.



CIHEAM-Bari - Italy

Source of funding : Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Directorate General for Cooperation Development
Total budget : 2 600 000,00 €