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LifeWatch Italy calls for proposals to develop study cases in the Phyto VRE and Alien Species VRE and MoBiLab

14 December 2018

LifeWatch Italia (LW-ITA) has published on the portal two calls for research projects that can be developed within the virtual research environments 'Phyto VRE' , 'Alien Species VRE' and 'MoBiLab'.

The LW-ITA e-infrastructure provides tools and services for data archiving, access, quality control, harmonization, integration and analysis. In order to allow addressing basic and applied studies on phytoplankton ecology, alien species and molecular biodiversity, thematic data resources and e-services have been integrated in Virtual Research Environments (VREs), providing the IT infrastructure for big data, large and complex dataset management and integration, collaborative data analysis and modelling, and advanced computational facilities.

LW-ITA invites the interested researchers to submit projects proposals involving the re-use and/or the customization of resources produced by LW-ITA or by other initiatives (including infrastructures and projects), their integration with resources available to the project proponents, and the implementation of new e-services required to address the specific project questions.

The deadline for the application of projects is 21 December 2018.

The new deadline for the application of projects is 25 January 2019.

Call Phyto VRE and Alien Species VRE

Call Lab. of Molecular Biodiversity