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CIHEAM Bari Documentation Centre Newsletter No. 5/2019 (September/October)

21 November 2019

The issue No. 5 (September/October) of CIHEAM Bari Library Newsletter has been released.

The CIHEAM Bari Library newsletter is mainly addressed to our colleagues, internal and external staff, professors and students of the Institute, as well as to all those who might be interested in our activities and initiatives.
The newsletter is in digital format and can be consulted through the ISSUU platform.
The hope is that it can offer a "stimulating" contribution to the interests and updates relating in particular to scientific documentation, which is known to be the essential requirement for any analytical or research work.

In this issue, focus on: “Il Mediterraneo nuovo” new book by Gianni Bonini, edited by Debora Degl’Innocenti; "OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2019-2028", the book of the month by FAO.

In press review, focus on: “2019 IFLA ILDS Conference Proceedings” by IFLA; “European Copyright Directive Implementation Advances: How Can You Get Involved?” by IFLA; “Development and access to information 2019” by IFLA.

Latest additions to the library’s collection of books and articles: CIHEAM Bari Organic Agriculture Library and CIHEAM Bari library. FAO Repository Library: new releases.

CIHEAM Bari Library Newsletter No. 5