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Business Forum 2018 and 5th International Conference Faculty of Economics BRCKO (ICFE-BD2018) for International and Local economic development, agriculture, transport, tourism and education | 6-9 November 2018 (Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

06 November 2018

Dr. Noureddin Driouech, Senior researcher and Coordinator of CIHEAM Alumni Network (FTN), representing the CIHEAM Bari and Agrosym, has attended the two events by a keynote speech entitled “Avoiding knowledge Waste through CIHEAM Alumni Networking, Partnership and Cooperation in the Mediterranean and Balkan region”.

The Guiding concept of both events is to foster the link between the relevant stakeholders and thus present the concept of the new development cycle. In fact, strengthening the private sector by stimulating entrepreneurship is the idea behind the leadership of the Brčko District of BiH.  This will be inherited in a system of partnership between institutions of government, economy and higher education organizations in the function of local and regional economic development. In this context, the International Business Forum2018 focused on the population as a factor of economic development while the 5th ICFE-BD2018 highlighted the role of higher education institutions in a modern business environment.  

Dr. Noureddin Driouech has contributed and participated to the Panel discussion on “higher education and the impact on economic development”.  He was honoured and awarded by the local authorities the Plaque of Business Forum 2018 and by the East Sarajevo University- Economics faculties the Plaque of the 5th  ICFE –BD  for his contribution to fostering international institutions collaboration.