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Announcing MyPack e-newsletter

26 February 2019

Welcome to the first MyPack newsletter. The goal of MyPack project is to support the market introduction of innovative packaging in order to reduce both food and packaging waste material and its negative impact on the environment. I am very pleased to share with you our progress of the first year of the project.

MyPack project started officially in Paris (France) with a fruitful kick-off meeting which established how to proceed and share the knowledge in joint work and experiments at different partners facilities. MyPack consortium is composed of a multidisciplinary partnership, covering the academic, scientific and industrial world, including SMEs. The project includes seven work packages (WPs) which interact actively.

I am firmly convinced that our enthusing team will achieve the main target by developing sustainable packaging solutions for extending food shelf life, in compliance with consumers’ acceptance and regulation.

Christophe COTILLON (project coordinator)

More information and updates on the project activities are available on MyPack website and social media channels:  
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