Soil biodiversity in tree crops - Training school (25-29 September 2017, CIHEAM Bari)

21 September 2017

This training school is organized by BioLink (Linking belowground biodiversity and ecosystem function in European forests – COST FP1305) and in particular by WG3 participants (WG3: Belowground biodiversity in plantations and tree crops). The main aim of the school is to provide updated concepts and methodologies on soil biodiversity in tree crops with a multidisciplinary approach embracing theoretical and practical lectures.

The school will take place at the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, that is a centre for post-graduate training, applied scientific research and design (CIHEAM BARI, Via Ceglie, 9, 70010 - Valenzano, Bari, Italy), in the context of the intended purposes of the framework agreement between CIHEAM BARI and CNR. The course (5 days) includes a field trip to the Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto (a protected area between the Ostuni and Brindisi coasts, in the territories of the Carovigno and Brindisi municipalities).

A number of experts participating in the Biolink COST Action have kindly agreed to act as trainers for this school.