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International e-workshop: Pastoralism and Sustainable Development | July 14-15, 2021

04 March 2021

Announcement & Call for Abstracts

The two-day e-workshop “Pastoralism and Sustainable Development” will take place online (via the Zoom platform) on July 14-15, 2021. The international e-workshop is organized in the framework of PACTORES project (Pastoral ACTORs, Ecosystem services and Society as key elements of agro-pastoral systems in the Mediterranean) (, funded within ERANET-MED program (project code: ERANETMED2-72-303).

The e-workshop will serve as a forum for the exchange of insights, ideas and good practices regarding the multifaceted nexus between pastoralism (including agro-pastoralism, silvo-pastoralism, and agro-silvo-pastoralism) and sustainable development (including the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs) in the Mediterranean and beyond.

The workshop is organised by the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM Bari) in collaboration with the following institutions:

  • Center for Agro-food Economics and Development (CREDA), Spain
  • University of Vic (UVIC), Spain
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece
  • Polytechnic University Marche (UNIVPM), Italy
  • National Research Council (ISPAAM), Italy
  • Institut des Regions Arides (IRA), Tunisia
  • Algerian National Agronomic Research Institute (INRAA), Algeria
  • Sétif University (UFA), Algeria
  • Suleyman Demirel University (SDU), Turkey 

Sessions, themes and topics

The e-workshop consists of a keynote plenary session and four parallel sessions that address the connections between pastoralism and:

  1. Environment, ecology and ecosystem services: life on land; clean water and sanitation; responsible consumption and production; climate action; climate change; soil; land use; land degradation; desertification; soil erosion; biodiversity; forest; deforestation; afforestation; grasslands; pastures; watershed management; landscape; natural capital; natural resources; multifunctionality; environment protection.
  2. Society and culture: no poverty; zero hunger; gender equality; reducing Inequality; responsible consumption and production; tradition; knowledge; gender; women; youth; migration; food security; nutrition; social capital; human capital; education; training; vulnerability; zoonoses; farm labor and employment; .
  3. Economy and finance: decent work and economic growth; no poverty; responsible consumption and production; income; livelihoods; financial services; financial capital; diversification; off-farm incomes; insurance; risk management; economic performance of farms; value chains.
  4. Policy, institutions and governance: peace, justice, and strong institutions; policy; strategy; action plan; roadmap; regulatory framework; law; standards; legislation; certification; labelling; peace; local governance; traditional governance; community governance; power relations; conflict; partnership; collaboration; cooperation; governance of rangelands. 

Scientific committee

  • Ahmet Tolunay, Isparta University of Applied Sciences (IUAS), Turkey 
  • Antonello Franca, ISPAAM, Italy
  • Athanasios Ragkos, Hellenic Agricultural Organization ELGO-DIMITRA, Greece
  • Farah Ben Salem, IRA, Tunisia
  • Francesco Bottalico, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Gianluigi Cardone, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Giovanni Ottomano Palmisano, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Hamid El Bilali, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Khaled Abbas, INRAA, Algeria
  • Maria Karatassiou, AUTH, Greece
  • Marta Guadalupe Rivera Ferre, UVIC, Spain
  • Mebarkia Amar, UFA, Algeria
  • Mohamed Tarhouni, IRA, Tunisia
  • Mondher Fetoui, IRA, Tunisia
  • Paride D’Ottavio, UNIVPM, Italy
  • Roberto Capone, CIHEAM Bari, Italy

Organising committee

  • Roberto Capone, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Francesco Bottalico, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Hamid El Bilali, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Giovanni Ottomano Palmisano, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Gianluigi Cardone, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Elsa Varela, CTFC, Spain
  • Rosanna Quagliariello, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Luigi Sisto, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Eleonora Ciciriello, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Onofrio Lorusso, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Maria Carla Martelli, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Laura Scivetti, CIHEAM Bari, Italy
  • Giorgio Marti, CIHEAM Bari, Italy

Important dates

  • June 15, 2021: Deadline for registration and abstract submission
  • June 23, 2021: Notification of abstract acceptance
  • July 02, 2021: Deadline for submission of full papers (max. 6 pages)
  • July 09, 2021: Detailed programme sent to participants
  • July 14-15, 2021: E-workshop


  • No registration fee
  • Free material pack (e-workshop programme, certificate of attendance, book of abstracts and proceedings)
  • Abstracts published in book of abstracts with DOI
  • Workshop proceedings published as Options Méditerranéennes

Registration and Abstract Submission

Please use the following link for registration:

The deadline for the submission of abstracts (max. 200 words with up to 6 keywords) is May 20, 2021.


Positively reviewed abstracts and full papers will be included in two publications: (i) Book of abstracts (with DOI); and (ii) Workshop proceedings to be published as Options Méditerranéennes (


For further information, please feel free to contact