The technological solutions adopted by CIHEAM Bari (platforms, software, digital artifacts, etc..) are appropriately selected based on the delivery method and the technological context of target countries. They are always satisfactory for user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Access to the Internet, often ensured by good satellite coverage, generally enables the active participation of users via the most advanced tools of “live video streaming” currently on the market. Moreover, CIHEAM Bari has Learning Management System and Web Meetings technologies that enable both “on-line” and “on-air” functions.


Learning Management System (on-line activity )

Claroline, (© Claroline) ( is a collaborative E-Learning platform released under open source license. It is based on PHP and MySQL technologies and is largely used at international level because it is available in over 35 languages. It makes it possible to administer courses, manage on-line contents, documents, video-lectures, exercises and discussion Fora. Claroline platform has been developed following teachers’ experiences and is very much appreciated for its considerable capacity to monitor all different activities.


Webex Meeting (on-air activity)

WebEx, (© Cisco), is a web-meeting platform allowing the recording of video lectures delivered on a real-time basis from the transmitting station (CIHEAM Bari) to one or more receiving stations (e.g. offices, consortia, workers’ associations). The platform allows for the active participation via the teacher/learner interaction during the live session (on-air activity). If missing these lectures at the set time, it is possible to get the recorded broadcast (on line activity) from the E-learning platform.