Distance Learning is meant to be complementary and synergetic to the traditional face-to-face education and technical assistance activities that CIHEAM Bari carries out for its partners; it enhances their effects and increases the number of beneficiaries.

DL, especially its advanced e-learning option, helps reach more users and apply advanced education models that have proven effective in all the phases of vocational and updated training.

The Distance Learning objectives already achieved by CIHEAM Bari are:

  • The setting-up of a Human Resources Centre
  • The Identification of a distinctive CIHEAM Bari Distance Learning model
  • The elaboration of an e-learning course catalogue

The DL Human Resources Centre (HRC) consists of CIHEAM Bari in-house Staff, Tutors and local Collaborators; it covers three main areas:

  1. Management of course organization and relations between teaching staff, institutions and students;
  2. Instructional design to develop the technical e-learning content;
  3. Computer-Technology aiming to ensure the operation of all technological, multimedia and IT components, and providing assistance to users.

The Distance Learning model proposed by CIHEAM Bari is based on the use of e-learning and collaborative learning methodologies.

The organization of on-line education refers to constructive learning theories and is based on an interactive collaboration established in a virtual class (Learning Community) of students living in different Mediterranean and Balkan countries where CIHEAM Bari institutional activities are carried out.

Tutors act as facilitators and promoters of communication between students, teachers/experts of topics under study and course staff.

The collaborative model is based on the exchange of written messages in dedicated forums, in asynchronous format, according to an organizational pattern marking the weekly progress of activities.

The CIHEAM Bari e-learning platform (el.iamb.it) is open source (Claroline).