Algérie: La communication partenaire du développement durable

Algérie: La communication partenaire du développement durable
Partenaires sont devenus les agriculteurs, administrateurs du secteur et la presse à Oued Souf autour du besoin de communiquer pour les uns et celui d’informer pour les autres autour de ce domaine appelé plus que jamais à se développer, pour lequel les médias sont sollicités pour accompagnement.
Matrouh Rural Sustainable Development Project

Matrouh Rural Sustainable Development Project

Capacity Building, Training, Technical Assistance, Networking


Course Programme

Major topics:

Water use efficiency and water productivity;

On-farm irrigation systems performance;

Large-scale irrigation systems performance and new technologies;

Use of non-conventional water resources in agriculture;

Integration and up-scaling of the above issues at the basin level;

Sustainable use and management of Mediterranean soils;

Economic aspects of Mediterranean agriculture.


Course Programme

Major topics: 

Basic IPM principles and methodologies; 

Preventive IPM measures: plant quarantine, pest risk analysis, certified propagating material, resistant/tolerant cultivars or graft combinations, biodiversity maintenance; 

Sustainable use of pesticides and relevant regulations; applications of alternative non-chemical pest management methods; food quality and safety; 

Sound management of biotic and abiotic disorders in pre- and post-harvest; 

Information Technology in IPM programmes.


Course Programme

Major topics: 

Developing agronomic skills related to practices and techniques of Mediterranean Organic Agriculture production and management;

Developing skills related to legislation, inspection, certification and labelling of organically-produced food and fibres;

Building capacity in socio-economic analysis and market strategy for organic agriculture;

Providing trainees with the necessary tools and expertise to assess agricultural, environmental, and socio-economic opportunities and constraints of organic agriculture in different Mediterranean areas.


L&W Course 

D. D'Agostino (CIHEAM Bari)
J. Strippoli (CIHEAM Bari)

IPM Course

S.J. Christopher (University of Bari, Italy)
D. Gallitelli (University of Bari, Italy)
A. Troccoli (CNR Bari, Italy)

MOA Course

G. Calabrese (CIHEAM Bari)